Lainna Callentine dissection 1

Thursday, May 19, 2016
Cost: $35 per student
Ages: 12-18

The Marvelous Expedition: Journey Through God’s Wondrous Machine

This interactive hands-on workshop will catapult you through an expedition of the fascinating and complex world of the human body. Examine how the eyes and the brain cooperate and dissect an actual sheep brain. Travel through the lungs and heart and marvel at the life-sustaining processes of respiratory and circulatory systems as they maintain the other vital organs in the body. Dr. Callentine will be your tour guide as you go on the marvelous expedition through the human body.



– All materials and supplies included in the registration fee
-Hands-on, interactive, and fun!
-Receive science credit for completing the 2 1/2 hour workshop
-Space is limited
-Conference registration is not necessary to attend

Your teen should bring:
-A clipboard
-Pen or pencil
-Water bottle – to stay hydrated

**There are no prerequisites required to participate in this workshop outside of their age.
If you are not attending the conference but want to sign up your child, register here!