Why Should You Join INCH?

Membership to INCH provides you with important information you need for discipling your children at home in the state of Michigan and connects you with the home school community statewide.

In addition your membership support allows INCH to watch legislation that may affect parents’ rights to teach their children at home in Michigan.

Ten important things your membership enables INCH to do:

  1. Provide an annual convention for families to be encouraged and equipped in the hard work of home discipleship.
  2. Provide a website for connecting and communicating with other home educators in our state.
  3. Provide online opportunities for asking questions and receiving answers from fellow disciples on topics that concern you.
  4. Serve as an effective liaison between the homeschooling community and numerous state agencies and organizations across Michigan.
  5. Build bridges between homeschoolers and lawmakers, policymakers, and educators.
  6. Keep families informed about homeschooling law and policy developments across the state, through the INCH email list.
  7. Help Michigan homeschoolers network and find the resources, support, and information they need.
  8. Provide referrals to local support groups for new home educators.
  9. Provide encouragement, training, and networking for homeschool leaders.
  10. Network with and learn from homeschool leaders across the nation through the Alliance of Christian Home Education Leaders.

Protecting and Promoting Private Home Education in Michigan, INCH works in many ways! It is through your association with us that allows us to better support more home school families. We have many member benefits designed especially for you.

BEFORE you join INCH, might we suggest you first pay the fees required by your local homeschool support group. These are the people closest to you, working hard to provide both opportunity and community for those who have chosen to keep their children home in your local area.

AFTER you join INCH, please join HSLDA- the Home School Legal Defense Association. They are the national organization that fights both locally and nationally to preserve our home schooling freedom. They were instrumental in moving Michigan from one of the most restrictive states to one of the best states for discipling our children at home.

INCH Member Benefits Include today (with more being worked upon for tomorrow):

INCH Conference Admission Discount
You will receive $15 off your conference registration when you join INCH.

HSLDA Discount
Families who are members of INCH have the opportunity to receive a discount on their membership fee with HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association). ($20 off annual membership)

Graduate Recognition Ceremonies
INCH hosts a graduate recognition ceremony each year at our conference. This event is a meaningful celebration of a very important milestone in a homeschooled student’s life. Participation in these ceremonies is only open to INCH members.

Email Alerts
INCH provides Members with up-to-date urgent action bulletins, legislative updates and alerts via email in addition to periodic emails with information of interest to Michigan homeschoolers. (Information on Michigan law, requirements and support groups).

INCH membership only costs $30 annually. The membership year begins the first day following the annual state convention and expires the first day of the annual state convention. There are no pro-rata membership rates. Refunds are not available for membership. Sign ups will be available soon!

Join online today!