Homeschool Reorganization Plan

I recently spent some intense time in prayer regarding our home school. This is what I feel the Lord gave me and it has been invaluable in helping us make the first major changes mid year in about 10 years.

  • Be purposeful
    • Am I ordering my day and planning to educate or am I just winging it and getting lost in the shuffle?
  • Be aware
    • Do I know what my people are working on or have I allowed them to self direct with no accountability? (Self direction is good as long as there is accountability.  Otherwise, it fosters an independent spirit.)
  • Be involved
    • Am I participating in learning with my children or have I removed myself?
  • Be prayerful
    • Am I spending time seeking the Lord and intentionally praying about specific needs and direction?
  • Be focused
    • Am I allowing myself to be distracted from the task and calling at hand and if so – Why?
  • Be inspired
    • Am I making an effort to keep my vision fresh and get new ideas, or am I running on steam left over from the early days?

Jen Gorton and her husband have five amazing kids (23-13) that have been home educated since birth. One of Jen’s passions is to encourage women to walk closely and purposefully with the Lord in every area of their lives. After 24 years of marriage, her favorite time of day is still hearing her husband come home from work. The Gortons reside in Chardon, Ohio. Copyright, Jen Gorton 2017.

Photo credit: Lyn Lomasi via / CC BY
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