Common Core Update

INCH has spent much time during the past fifteen months in dialogue with both legislators and concerned parents over the issue of Common Core. From the beginning INCH has opposed common core.

INCH has partnered with Citizens for Traditional Values in waging its battle against both the funding and the implementation of Common Core. Others joined this battle including some state legislators, but the reality is the Governor was on board with Common Core and leveraged his influence to see it both funded and implemented.

The first battle over Common Core occurred around the funding of it. We actually obtained a delay that was finally overturned with the new budget.

The next battle centered around implementation of Common Core, which is currently limited to math and English standards, but other parts of it are being considered.

The current Common Core battle centers upon testing and tying student performance to teacher evaluation. We are supporting those who are working to opt out and defund SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) and any assessment that Michigan does not control.

The proponents see Common Core as a means for the state to regain control of the education of its constituents instead of leaving that work to the unions and the MEA. However, due to the volume of protest from parents across the state, including many homeschoolers, they have excluded us from any of its requirements. That, I suppose, is a win of sorts- for now.

INCH’s problem with Common Core is more philosophical than practical. We believe that once Common Core becomes nationalized, neither the Federal nor the State governments will want to allow a small group of people to not be a part of its curriculum or dogma. This, then, will be the end of the freedom in education—freedom to use a curriculum that teaches our children that the Maker of the Heavens and the Earth is Lord of all, manifesting Himself through creation in science, through the deeds of the His people in history, through patterns and order in math, and through the Scriptures in English.

Some of our conservative friends say we are doomsayers. They don’t believe the State will ever lose control of the educational process. Neither do they see a day when the State is not friendly toward homeschoolers.

INCH, with CTV and all its other allies, will labor to see they keep their word. In the meantime we will pray for God’s protection and take advantage of the current climate to disciple our children when they rise up in the morning, as they walk along the way, and as they lay down their heads at night. We will continue to oppose Common Core and any other program designed to limit freedom of education, particularly Christian home discipleship.

Mike Winter
INCH Executive Director

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