Family Fun Night… Friday, May 19

The Amazing Chemistry Show  6:30pm

The Amazing Chemistry Show is a 32-foot stage production filled with fire, explosions and foam, all set to music. With audience involvement, laughter and fun, the message of Jesus Christ is clearly communicated using powerful illustrations. The Amazing Chemistry Show is a fantastic family event for all ages!

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Graduate Reception & Time with Rick Boyer  8:00pm

For:  Graduates, family & friends, and others who would like to come.

What:  Refreshments & special message to the graduates

Where:  Radisson Hotel Capital Ballroom 1

Message:  Rick Boyer will share “Take Back the Land”

It has been said that the parents of the 1980’s and 90’s were the Moses generation – they left Egypt and headed for the promised land, as the Israelites once traversed the wilderness to return to Canaan. The generation of Moses completed part of the mission, getting as far as the Jordan River. But it was left to Joshua and the younger Israelites to cross the river and take back the land that had been promised to their father Abraham centuries before. Today, home schooling parents have broken free from the bondage of Godless philosophies and are raising up the Joshua generation that will carry the battle over the Jordan – taking the banner of Christ back into American government, law, medicine, business, education and the arts, where God and His Word were once universally honored. The enemies of God are trembling today at the thunderous approach of the Joshua generation.


Regional Meet Ups  8:00pm

Are you new to homeschooling?  Are you a veteran homeschooler?  Do you know other homeschoolers in your area?  

Come and meet with others from your region within the state of Michigan.  We will provide a location finder for you!


Youth Arts Coalition Concert   8:30pm