INCH Conference Policies

Please Read Carefully!

Children: We LOVE children and we are attempting to make the conference as “family-friendly” as possible, welcoming children of all ages with open arms— but trusting that families will be willing to abide by the following guidelines in order to make the conference a positive experience for all attendees.

  1. We ask that those 4 years old and under stay with their parents. They can stroll with you through the Exhibit Hall, sit QUIETLY with you in the workshops (in the designated area if available) or visit the toddler play area/nursing mothers room where you can hear the Main Hall speakers.

    Unfortunately, each year we receive several complaints that parents with noisy babies/children did not leave sessions promptly when the children became a distraction. Some workshop recordings have even been rendered useless because of noisy infants. Parents, please be sensitive to everyone around you and leave the workshops or keynote sessions if your child is being noisy. If you do stay in the workshop with a noisy child you may be asked to leave. Thank you!!

  2. All 5 to 10 year olds in attendance are encouraged to attend the Children’s Conference, as most of our adult workshop tracks have limited seating and are not necessarily intended to keep the interest of children. However, children are welcome to sit quietly in workshops with their parents, though we ask them to be considerate and willing to move to a parent’s lap or the floor should the room become full.
  3. 5 to 12 year olds must remain under the direct supervision of their parents and stay with them at all times while in the concourse area, vendor hall, or main auditorium— i.e. at any time they are not in the Children’s Conference room or (for 10-12 yr. olds) a Kids’ Track workshop.

Security-Identification: It is necessary that conference wristbands and nametags be worn and visible at all times in the conference center. The Lansing Center is a public facility, meaning anyone not associated with the conference can walk through the concourse part of the building at any time. It is important for everyone to be able to quickly identify whether or not someone is a conference participant if they are anywhere other than in the open concourse area. If it is noticed that someone is not a conference participant and is in any workshop, exhibit hall or keynote session, please bring it to the attention of a member of the conference staff immediately. It is important that we maintain a safe and secure event.

Keynote Sessions: We strongly encourage everyone to attend the keynote sessions. All important announcements, changes, instructions and crucial messages will be communicated during this time. Note, however, that once the exhibit hall opens each morning, it will be open continuously throughout all workshop periods, lunch, dinner, and even one of the keynotes each day. An announcement will be made in the exhibit hall prior to the beginning of each keynote session, so we hope that when the announcement is made, most of you will conclude your shopping and move immediately to the main auditorium.

Workshop Preferences: This year we are not asking for your workshop session preferences with your registration. Seating in the workshops will be first come, first served.

Exhibit Hall: The Exhibitors are not directly affiliated with INCH. Conference attendees should take note that the views, attitudes and behaviors of the exhibitors are not necessarily shared by INCH.

Food and Beverages: Please do not bring outside food and beverages with you into the Lansing Center. The Lansing Center Food & Beverage Department is proud to be the exclusive caterer for all events at the Lansing Center. Refreshments will be for sale for our attendees throughout the weekend, including a lunch special in the rear of the exhibit hall on both Friday and Saturday. There are also numerous vending machines located throughout the building. If you desire to pack drinks, snacks, or lunches for your family, please refrain from bringing them into the building. Picnic tables are available outside near the river for your outdoor dining pleasure.