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Why Go To Convention?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1.  Who is INCH?

    INCH stands for Information Network of Christian Homes. We have been providing information, instruction, and inspiration for Michigan’s home educators since 1984. Our Vision: For the state of Michigan to be a place where Christian families have freedom to pass on their faith in Jesus Christ through Biblically-based, family-centered, parent-directed home discipleship
  2.  Why attend the INCH Conference?

    1. Information, Instruction and Inspiration for every homeschool family
    2. Great low family rates
    3. Phenomenal book and curriculum selection and even better prices — no shipping costs!
    4. Fun for the whole family
    5. Over 30 knowledgeable workshop leaders
    6. Opportunity to connect with other home school families from around the state and from your community – face-to-face!
    7. Large Used Curriculum Sale
    8. Real answers for special needs students with learning and behavioral challenges
    9. Two wonderful options for children ages 5 & up
    10. Special Teen Track for teens
    11. Distinctively Christian perspective on home schooling
    12. Great hotel discounts for Conference Attendees
    13. The list is just getting started…
    14. We’re sure there are many more reasons to come… Share with us: Why do YOU attend?
  3.  How do I make the most of the Conference?

    • Pray and ask the Lord to help you get His best from the conference.
    • Seek the counsel of your spouse. Start preparing before you attend the conference. Discuss: What is our purpose for home educating our children? Pray together and ask for God’s wisdom and direction for your family.
    • Plan to pre-register. This takes the hassle out of waiting in long lines on the day of the conference.
    • Come prepared to take notes. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a large tote bag for all your goodies.
    • Attend the keynote sessions. These sessions are designed to give encouragement, vision, and help us to lead our families biblically. Academic resources are easily available. Vision and encouragement are harder to find.
    • If you have questions, be sure to write them down. Visit the INCH table, located just inside the Exhibit Hall, and talk with the members of our INCH staff.
    • Consider that you and your spouse may want to attend different workshops. Study the schedule and then divide and conquer. If you cannot attend all the sessions you want, plan to purchase MP3′s or CDs at the conference so you can save shipping charges.
    • Decide on a time and a place to reunite!
    • Take some time to study the Exhibit Hall map. If you have a “need list” go to those tables first, since vendors do run out of materials on occasion.
    • As time allows, browse the Exhibit Hall and check the products on your “want list’. Are they as good as you thought? Remember to pick up free samples or brochures.
    • Shop around the Exhibit Hall. Some exhibitors offer discounts. Carry a small notebook and make notes.
    • Look for non-consumable reusable materials.
    • Don’t make any major purchases not on your “need list’. Regret may prove to be a high price.
    • Be fair! If you spend a significant block of time with a particular exhibitor discussing a specific item, repay that exhibitor for his time by purchasing the item from him rather than a competitor.
    • Relax! The conference is planned to serve you. Take a 15-30 minute break each day.
    • Consider purchasing the conference audio recordings so you can listen and be refreshed during the year