Lead…Serve…Grow…Learn!  2017 Program…Thinking Like A Leader!

Be a part of the Teen Leadership Corps (TLC)!

TLC participants will be challenged to think deeply, serve others, and make new friends through workshops, service, and team-building activities. TLC is a full two-day program that includes a component of serving at the conference. As such, students will be given a tee shirt to wear on both days and will serve as ambassadors as they represent the INCH to conference guests, speakers, & exhibitors.

  • LEARN   Exclusive workshops and a keynote address that are tailored just for the TLC and will challenge, motivate, and encourage the young adults in attendance.
  • LEAD/SERVE  The TLC can look forward to a great time, but it isn’t just fun and games. They will have a chance to learn about leadership and responsibility first hand as they confront challenges and help fill essential staff roles that are vital to the success of the conference.

How does it all work?   
Teen Leadership Corps participants are trained and enabled to be useful and helpful in behind-the-scenes conference duties. Teens will be placed on teams and will get to know their fellow staffers as they build leadership and teamwork skills throughout the event.
Over the course of the Conference, teams will rotate through a series of workshops and service jobs, many of which require interacting with convention attendees. Each team will have a team leader to train and encourage them. Team leaders work closely with their team,  however, teens are often spread throughout the Conference Center when serving and have small breaks throughout the day. In light of this, we ask that registered teens be mature enough to stay with the group and have the ability to meet back with their team at specified times.

Fees and Registration 

All participants are expected to participate during the entire program.

The program will cost $25 per attendee, however lunch will be provided both days and each participant will receive an TLC t-shirt to wear for the duration for the program. TLC participants must be registered as a part of their parent or family’s convention registration. Visit our Conference Registration page for information on registering. We hope to see you there and if you have any questions, please feel free to email us: conference@inch.org.

  • Time Commitment: Friday 8:00am-6:00pm and Saturday 8:30am-5:00pm
  • 13 yrs and older
  • $25 registration includes t-shirt and lunch both days

**There will be opportunity, if available, to help set-up the exhibit hall on Thursday and help with exhibitor move in, plus help with the Used Curriculum Sale on Thursday evening. Then help with exhibitor move out and tear down on Saturday evening.

**New this year…Your teen can attend the “Thinking Like A Leader” Teen Program without the service element.  Space is limited.  Cost is $40. Teen will not receive a shirt or lunch on either day.  Teens will be allowed to attend the Teen keynotes and SSI portion.  They will be assigned to the morning or afternoon slot.

Who should join Teen Staff?

Teen Staff is a group of mature, energetic young people who are willing to work hard and be team players. Each is an important piece of the puzzle that helps make the INCH Conference possible every year.  We are looking for teens who have or want to develop the following characteristics:

  • Responsible
  • Mature
  • Energetic
  • Friendly
  • Hard Working
  • Flexible
  • Able to follow instructions
  • Team Player

What type of Service Jobs are performed by Teen Leadership Corps?

  • Greeting
  • Book Check
  • Exhibitor Hospitality
  • Literature Distribution
  • Time Keeping
  • Audio Visual
  • Speaker Help
  • and more!

Teen Leadership Corps provides teens and graduates the opportunity to serve INCH and the home school community in a positive environment and teamwork setting. Register today!

Exclusive Workshops for the Teen Leadership Corps…

Jeff Baldwin

Jeff Baldwin

Charting Worldview – Jeff Baldwin – Friday Morning Keynote
A systematic comparison of Christianity with non-Christian worldviews with regard to seven categories: views of man, God, the universe, truth, morality, the family, and politics. Introduces students to some of the most influential worldview leaders, and provides practical instruction about the virtues that flow from a Christian worldview and the vices that flow from non-Christian views. Arms students with an apologetic for their faith.







Josh Denhart

Josh Denhart

Catapult: Medieval Siege – Ready…Aim…Fire…!
Josh Denhart  –  Saturday Morning Keynote
Build your own working catapult with your very own hands! This Hands-On Experience is high on history, high on interaction and high on impact…literally! Students learn the historical details of medieval warfare from an ancient engineering perspective. Explore concepts like speed, acceleration, angular momentum, projectiles and applied sciences. Two historically accurate and intriguing wooden models show how medieval kingdoms utilized technology to launch attack from great distances. Each student will build a working catapult, make a graphically rich castle from card-stock paper and determine the best distance, force required and technique to land a projectile inside the castle walls. This two part learning cycle involves two separate yet equally fun activities. First, students will create a working catapult from a standard design. In the second part of the learning cycle, teams of students will attempt to design and create a launching apparatus and a projectile from a bag of seemingly random items. Design, form, function and teamwork allow for an exciting and memorable open-ended experience!


Thinking and Speaking Like A Leader – SSI   (Both Friday & Saturday)
Leadership requires both the ability to critically think through an issue and also to express ideas clearly and convincingly. To give students an opportunity to practice these skills, Student Statesmanship Institute will be presenting elements of their ‘House Track’ and helping students work through activities that involve reading and analyzing a bill, working with a group to develop arguments, and then presenting those arguments in a final debate, attempting to convince everyone else to support their position. Both days will also feature games similar to the “Feats of Strength” event popular at our summer program LEAD. Even those who have previously attended SSI through an onsite or summer program, will find this program unique in its fast-paced structure.




What if I want my teen to attend a workshop with me or shop with me in the exhibit hall?
Parents are welcome to excuse their teen for a period of time; they simply need to notify the team leader.

What if my teen can only attend one day?
Teen Leadership Corps is a two day commitment. Each registrant is needed to accomplish their assigned service jobs as well as the planned activities. Please plan accordingly.

Who will be working with my teen?
The Teen Leadership Corps is being supervised and led by SSI.  SSI staff will be managing the time of the teens and building into them as the conference unfolds.

How closely will my teen be supervised?
Each team has a team leader to guide them through the scheduled program. Teens will interface with their team leader, however, we treat TLC participants as young adults. They will not be “checked in” or “checked out” by parents. Teens will move about the facility freely during service jobs, breaks, or other scheduled activities.

Teens are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner. For the benefit of the TLC as a whole, teens who are disrespectful and/or uncooperative will be excused from the program without a refund.