2017 Children’s Conference

Get ready for GIANT fun as Giant Cow Ministries rolls in to hang out with your kids!

Giant Cow provides Christ-centered Kids Events around the United States at conventions, camp and church events. Your kids can look forward to exciting music, entertaining speakers, powerful messages from God’s Word and plenty of interactive on-stage fun. Volume and enthusiasm highlight each stage presentation. And when we aren’t in the midst of a noisy “Round Up”, your kids will get a chance to participate in active games, artistic projects at their team stalls…AND get to race each other up and down our 50-foot-long inflatable obstacle course. Events and activities are led by a veteran team of children’s ministers along with local volunteers, all who are dedicated to giving your kids the safest, most memorable time EVER!

There is much more great information at our website including answers to the questions we hear most frequently from parents. We encourage you to visit www.GiantCowKids.com to check it all out.

With almost 20 years as a touring kid’s ministry, we look forward to every opportunity to return to a city we have visited before. Exciting, fun, purposeful. That’s what a Giant Cow looks like now, and we can’t WAIT to show your kids in Lansing.


Again this year, the Giant Cow Children’s Conference will be held in Main Hall A in the Lansing Center and is offered for kids ages 5-12.

There is an additional cost for this event:
Early bird rate (through 3/22/17))   $40/child
Regular rate (3/23-5/10/17)  $40/child
At the door (if space available)  $50/child

Doors open 15 minutes before scheduled start time!
Friday 10:15am-12:35pm and 1:45-4:15pm  (Doors open at 10:00am and 1:30pm)
Saturday 8:30am-12:35pm and 1:45-4:15pm   (doors open at 8:15am and 1:30pm)
Please pick your children up as soon as possible when program ends.



About Giant Cow Ministries

Giant Cow Ministries is the next chapter of Children’s Conferences International which began in 1996 when Brian Denton and his brothers put their passion for children to work towards a specific vision: to provide engaging and high-quality childrens programs at homeschool events. What began with a single event in Mississippi grew rapidly, and in 17 years of ministry, CCI has ministered to thousands of kids at hundreds of events in the United States, Canada, Guatemala, and India. We have emerged as one of the leading providers of Childrens ministry at Christian gatherings, churches, and Christian Events.

In the summer of 2014, CCI rebranded as GIANT COW Ministries. This rebranding came with a renewed focus to have ongoing impact for the Kingdom of God in the lives of children. So what is the MISSION of the GIANT COW? Our slogan, although meant to include a bit of humor, truly communicates what it is that we want to do: Impacting Children with the Milk and the Meat of God’s Word. This includes a new focus on discipleship as well as events that aren’t just primarily attached to large conferences. In addition, GIANT COW is building a network of children’s ministers with the goal of partnering with the local church to provide exceptional children’s ministry events in local communities and to provide all the promotional and follow-up tools to maximize the ministry potential of such events.   

We believe children deserve every opportunity to learn and grow spiritually. Investing in the lives of children is investing in the future. The future of our nation depends on the impact we make, or fail to make, in the lives of our children.