Homeschooling has been around since God’s creation of man. Throughout history we see parents faithfully following God’s command to disciple their children at home, but for many the idea of home education is a brand new and daunting idea. Something very foreign to how they were raised.

Our goal at MICHN is to help parents navigate the challenging road of home discipleship and to equip them with the information, instruction, and inspiration needed to give their children the best opportunities available. While each family’s goals will look different, one need remains constant – having a trusted resource available to answer questions and concerns to help them be successful on their journey.

One of the primary ways MICHN works to connect and serve the Michigan homeschool community is through their Regional Representatives. These local volunteers are knowledgeable ambassadors right in your local region. They bring years of home education experience to the table, know your area’s groups, activities, and resources, and are a trusted source of information.

Whether you are brand new to learning at home or have years of experience under your belt, having a direct link to your statewide homeschool support network can help you remain faithful in your calling to raise up the next generation for the Lord!

So what exactly does a Regional Representative do? We are so glad you asked! Our state is divided into 9 regions, each with its own Regional Representative couple ready to serve you in the following ways:

CONTACT – Reps work year-round to gather the most up-to-date contact information for support groups, activities, events, and resources available in your community. That information is then made available on our website so families can find just the right opportunities at just the right time! Check back regularly as new groups are added quarterly!

CONNECT – Reps work to connect support group leaders and families directly to MICHN. They are the eyes and ears in the community and report current trends and needs back to our organization so that we can better serve Michigan homeschool families. MICHN also relays vital information back to the community through our Reps. If negative legislation or harmful trends arise, Reps can quickly reach their regions with a call to action and prayer. Each region has a Facebook page to keep you current on exciting events, MICHN updates, and encouraging posts and articles!

CONFERENCE – Reps work to be that local friendly and trusted face during conference. Every year thousands of homeschool families descend on Lansing during the third weekend in May and while all the amazing speakers, vendors and events do help equip and encourage home educators, it can also be an overwhelming experience to some. Reps host Regional Meet-ups, staff the Regional Information Tables, and give of their time during the weekend to be available to answer questions about any and all homeschool topics. Make sure you take time to drop by this area in the vendor hall to touch base with your Rep!

MICHN’s vision is for Michigan to be a place where Christian families have the freedom to pass on their faith in Jesus Christ through Biblically-centered, parent-directed, home-based, privately-funded, life-long home discipleship and our Regional Representatives are an integral part in reaching that goal.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to connect with your Regional Representative on Facebook and utilize this unique and invaluable resource on your journey of home discipleship.


Alexandra Howard serves Michigan homeschoolers as the Connections Director & Lead Regional Representative for MICHN. She also serves in her local community as the Region 8 Representative. She, her husband Tom, and their 7 children live, love, and learn in the Kalamazoo area. Originally from Oklahoma, the Lord brought them to the beautiful “frozen tundra” in 2013 for Tom’s employment as an ER physician. They have home discipled their children since 2007 and are blessed to be second generation homeschoolers. They pray that this faithful heritage will continue for many generations and that God will be glorified in the training of their children for His purposes. Connect with her at