2019 Conference Schedule Saturday Afternoon

12:15-1:30 pm
Period #3
1:30-2:30 pm
Period #4
2:45-3:45 pm
4:30-6:00 pm
Hall A
Lansing Center
Shopping and Lunch BreakWhat about THAT Child? Rachael CarmanWhen Doubts Start Creeping in Rachael CarmanLiving on Borrowed Time, The Nine Practices of The Proactive Parent.
Steve Scheibner
Room 101/102
Lansing Center
Encouraging Deep Faith in Your Teen
Rob Rienow
Family Outreach
Rob Rienow
Room 103/104
Lansing Center
Know your Why
Mary Grace Braatz
Raising Godly Women in an Ungodly Culture
Mike Winter
Room 201
Lansing Center
Teaching Boys Who’d Rather Make Forts
Andrew Pudewa
1000 Hours Outside: Nature Study
Ginny Yurich
Room 202
Lansing Center
Math You Understand
Steve Demme
Raising Your Child w/Challenges
Steve Demme
Room 203
Lansing Center
Dyslexia / Reading Differences
Faith Berens
Laying a Foundation for Reading ...
Faith Berens
Room 204
Lansing Center
Trauma & Home-schooling
Karen Strachan
Homeschooling Legally in MI
Kallman Legal
Room 205
Lansing Center
CLT: Alternative to the SAT & ACT
Jean Burk
Evaluating Excellence
Teresa Moon
Capitol I
Training Teens to Take Initiative
Steve Demme
Successful Transition to Homeschool
Tara Bentley
Capitol II
Three Ring Circus
Brook Wayne
Home Discipleship
Brook Wayne
Capitol III
God’s Image, Soul, & Gender Identity
Elizabeth Urbanowicz
True for You… Discerning Truth
Elizabeth Urbanowicz
Capitol IV
Toddler Toolbox
Megan Scheibner
A to Z of a Character Healthy Homeschool
Megan Scheibner
Radisson MI Rm *EXTRA COST– Must Pre-Register Max of 50* Make it & Take it: Tching w/Games-$10
Aubrey Malcolm
* Make it & Take it: Lapbooking—$10
Shelly Smith
Teen Program & TLC—Governor’s Rm Lansing CenterTeam A: Serve
Team B: Communicate for a Change!
*Teens attending only CfaC can choose either AM or PM
1:15 pm— 3:45 pm
Children’s Pro-gram—Ballroom Lansing CenterWalk through the Bible
1:15 pm—4:15 pm
Kids’ Keynote
Halls B & C
Lansing Center
Exhibit Hall Open for Shopping
10:00 am—4:30 pm