Discounts, via coupon code in bold, are available for the following (You will enter the code when registering.):

  • PRESCHOOLERS17 – Parent of Preschoolers Only $10 off (oldest child 5 or younger as of 5/19/17)
  • LEADER17 – Homeschool Support Group Leader $10 off
  • MINISTRY17 – Full Time Christian Ministry $10 off
  • TALENT – Talent Showcase Participant  $10 off
  • TASTE – Taste of Homeschooling  $10 off

*Discounts not available for Single Parent rate.

Additional Savings:

Join INCH for the special conference rate of $25.

Registration Notes

  • Regarding the guests…Pastors…This is for pastor’s families who are NOT homeschooling, as those attending the conference for the benefit of their own immediate family need to pay the regular attendee rates- which includes a $10 discount for those in full-time ministry.