This year we are offering 4 Kid’s Track workshops for children ages 10-12.
Parents will need to check in kids and check them out when finished.

Cost: $40/child

Friday, May 19, 2017
10:10-12:35pm – Kid’s Track Workshop 1   Chemistry
1:50-4:15pm – Kid’s Track Workshop 2   Cooking

Saturday, May 20, 2017
10:10-12:35pm – Kid’s Track Workshop 3   Art
1:50-4:15pm – Kid’s Track Workshop 4   Drama or Writing  (tbd)


Workshop 1 – Chemistry with Josh Denhart

Ready Set Rockets 
“We are launching in…3…2…1…” Who wouldn’t like to create their own custom rocket and launch it over 200 feet in the air? Choose from over 15 unique rocket designs. Rockets are crafted from printed color-card stock paper, complete with rocket fins and colorfully printed “flames” shooting from the base. Outside, students launch their handmade and personally decorated rockets 200 feet in the sky! The unique launching apparatus is completely safe, staying away from explosions, flame or heat. Students chose the direction and pitch of launch using a telescoping arm for maximizing height or distance…their choice! Students learn about pressure, air, rocket balance, gravity, trajectory, plus so much more. The “Ready, Set, Rocket” experience also includes stomp rockets, rocket balloons and so much more! Similar to every “Amazing Chemistry Show” Hands-On Experience, a seven foot tall brightly colored pull-up tension banner adds to the excitement during building and launching!

Science In a Bag
“This is just like being a real Scientist!” First, students carefully make observations prior to the reaction…anticipations builds! Next, as instructions are given, the plastic vial holding the red liquid is squeezed onto one side of the plastic zip-lock bag…woah…a vivid color change…double woah…this side is HOT! Then, as further instructions are given, the remaining red liquid is introduced to the other side of our reaction vessel…yikes…another vivid color change…double yikes…this side is FRIGID COLD! Finally, all ingredients are squished together…but the results of the rest of the reaction will remain a surprise…and an exciting surprise, indeed! This classic reaction is such a wonderful experience for young learners to make scientific observations, view evidences of chemical changes and record their findings on age appropriate worksheets! This safe, non-toxic and easily disposable hands-on experience maximizes excitement and minimizes any hazards. Although the substances involved are common and safe, rest assured, the contents of the reaction never leave the zip-lock bag!


Workshop 2 – Cooking with Katie Kimball

Kids Cook Real Food!

Wish you could be on Master Chef, Jr? Every cook has to start somewhere. While we can’t bust out the chef’s knives at a conference, we’ll still work on some important basic kitchen skills and create tasty pancakes that will have the whole place drooling. Everyone gets to be hands-on as we experience wheat’s journey from plant to pancake; the difference between gluten-free, grain-free, whole grain and refined grain baking; the secret to perfect measurement; and how to “season like a TV chef,” as we call it in the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse. NO experience required, but even kids who can cook already are sure to learn something new. Gluten-free and grain-free options will be made but this workshop would not be safe for those with Celiac.

Workshop 3 – Art with Linda Crosby
This beginning to intermediate art class for 10-12 year olds will focus on op art and two-dimensional design. All of our initial drawing exercises will be executed in pen to improve the student’s control and focus. We will complete an activity with contour lines and shading which train their eye to see form more accurately. All these techniques will be utilized for a final ink pen and colored pencil project. Kids will take home their fine-point ink pen, a collection of eight coordinating colored pencils, a sharpener and a couple projects worthy of the fridge if not a frame!”


Workshop 4 – To Be Determined.