We have various ways you can save money attending the conference

  • Grandparents/Pastors: FREE! Maximum of four free guests per paid registration.
    Whether you’re coming as an individual or a couple, you can bring grandparents (or your non-homeschooling pastor) along at no extra cost!
    We want your extended family and church family to be excited about and supportive of your decision to homeschool, too!! Help us spread the vision for Biblically-based, family-centered, parent-directed home discipleship![NOTE: This is for pastor’s families who are NOT homeschooling, as those attending the conference for the benefit of their own immediate family need to pay the regular attendee rates- which includes a $10 discount for those in full-time ministry.]
  • $10 Discounts available for:
    1. Parents of All Preschoolers whose OLDEST child is 5 or younger as of 5/18/17
    2. Homeschool Support Group Leaders
    3. Those in full-time Christian ministry
  • Working Scholarships:  We want to make it possible for all those interested in attending the INCH Conference to come, and do not want finances to prevent families from being here. We are currently seeking sponsors to donate to our scholarship fund. In the meantime, for those in desperate financial circumstances, we do have the option of a working scholarship: If you are a low-income, single-parent, or otherwise financially-struggling family who desires to attend this year’s INCH Conference at a discounted rate, feel free to contact our volunteer coordinator about opportunities to volunteer your time in exchange for a full or partial scholarship. You can let us know when you would most like to serve:
    1. Thursday, 5/18 for conference set-up (this does not include helping with the Used Curriculum Sale.)
    2. during the conference on Friday, 5/19
    3. during the conference on Saturday, 5/20
    4. Saturday evening for conference clean-up/ tear-down

    If you would like to apply for a working scholarship or have questions about our working scholarship opportunities, email Missie at volunteers@inch.org.

  • Scholarships – Non-working:  Some scholarship money may be available. Please contact INCH to request more information about scholarship opportunities if finances are preventing you from attending this year’s INCH Conference. Direct all phone calls to the INCH voicemail: 517-481-5994. Emails should be sent to INCH with ‘Scholarship’ in the subject. Thank you!