Sorry, but we are no longer taking registrations for the Children’s Conference and the Teen Leadership Corp.  Maximum capacity has been reached.

Here you will find a list of links that will allow you to register for various parts of the conference outside of the initial conference registration:

For Children 5-12 years of age: 

Children’s Conference –    THIS IS FULL


For Ages 12-18:

The Marvelous Expedition Dissection Workshop – Thursday afternoon  (Do not have to be attending the conference to participate.)


For Teens 13 and up:

Teen Leadership Corps –     THIS IS FULL

ASVAB – I would like my teen to take the ASVAB  (for teens finishing 9th grade on up)

Graduate Recognition


For anyone:

Talent Showcase

Taste of Homeschooling


For Homeschool Leaders:

Leader Summit – we are support group leaders and would like to attend the leader summit.